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Staff Bios

Who We Are

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nancy Jeppesen founded Florida's Vision Quest in 1994. Responsible to the Board of Directors for the entire nonprofit organization including but not limited to fundraising & development, human resources, strategic planning, implementing program, finance, & communications. Represents organization to the community and the public, and provides direct service to clients on the Mobile Clinic as necessary.

Executive Director

Kelly Haynes — (Since 2005) Has a great passion for children and their vision needs for she has been volunteering for Vision Quest since its inception. As a child, her life was profoundly impacted by a simple pair of eyeglasses. From failing 5th grade to graduating with honors, her glasses made all the difference. Today, she participates as a member of the senior management team to formulate and implement policies and strategic plans to meet the organization's short- and long-term objectives. She provides direction and day-to-day management of several key functions including program, data analysis, finance, administration and human resources; She represents organization in the community, assumes responsibility for major projects, responsible to the Board of Directors, and assumes responsibility for entire organization.

Director of Operations

Keith Christiansen — (Since 1998) Has a huge heart for children, for he has been with the Vision Quest team since its inception! In the early years, he spent his weekends volunteering his time and talent making eyeglasses for children in need, even in the not-so-ideal conditions. From manufacturing in a garage, to under a tent in the middle of a migrant farm camp, and even setting up a small lab in the back of a trailer for weekend clinics, to now operating a full optical lab… He has been with us every step of the way! Today, he participates as a member of the senior management team. He also manages all eyeglass production and dispensing activities. Duties include, but not limited to: Provision of equipment, staffing, dispensing practices and management, quality control practices, provision of warranty for eyeglasses etc. He is married with two children and enjoys spending time with his horses and flying on the weekends.

Chief Financial Officer

Ellen Brown — (Since 1999) Manages the financial resources of the organization including accounting, finance, organization-wide budgets, investments, and treasury in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and organization/contract policies and procedures; safeguards assets through the maintenance of proper controls. She enjoys participating as a member of the senior management team in the development and implementation of organization-wide policies and programs that will contribute to its overall success.

Program Coordinator & Referral Coordinator

Jean Naylor - (Since 2000) Assesses client eligibility, assists with data entry, and provides phone assistance to clients, doctors and others including program information, receives and processes prescriptions for eyeglasses both pre and post manufacturing. She enjoys interacting with school personnel, parents and doctors.  

Vision Mobile Clinic Optical Technician & Driver

Donald Trenholm - (Since 2002) Donald is a family man with a wife and three young boys and has been a part of the Vision Quest team since April 2002. His primary role is working with the mobile unit division as the driver and optical technician of the Vision Mobile. Donald has been all over Florida from Pensacola to Key West on the Vision Mobile assisting the Optometrist in helping Florida's at risk children to see clearly. From his own experiences with vision problems as a child in school Donald believes every child should be given the right to clear vision in order to accomplish their goal of being the best student they can be.


Program Director

Becky Eiland - (Since 2000) Becky is responsible for the overall management of the Mobile Vision Program throughout the State of Florida. She serves as the program liaison to parents, doctors, and all school, district, and Department of Health contacts.  Becky is responsible for managing and prioritizing the doctor and staff schedules, school schedules, case referrals, data collection and reporting.  Becky joined the Florida’s Vision Quest team because of her passion for children. She brings that passion to the workplace every day as she strives to constantly improve the program.