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Who We Are

In its 15 years of operation, Florida's Vision Quest has been recognized with awards for program excellence and achievement: National Points of Light Award, Walt Disney Community Service Awards, Channel 13 - Shinning Stars, etc. But FVQ's achievements are not measured in awards. FVQ's achievements are measured in the success of the children we serve. They are reflected in the academic excellence of students like Baltazar, a long time FVQ glasses-wearer who recently received the President's Academic Fitness Award at Warfield Elementary (scoring in the 85th percentile nationally on achievement tests). And Pola and Ricco who were among the top 20 students in their 8th grade class at Indiantown Middle. FVQ's achievements are measured in the words of Kaley Fulford, a mother who credits FVQ with not only saving the life of her 7 year old daughter, but saving the life of her family. This was a verbally non-responsive adopted child who was being referred for a psychiatric evaluation due to disruptive and inappropriate behavior. About that time, the FVQ mobile unit arrived at her school and provided an exam. She was found to have a profound vision deficiency. After receiving glasses, her tearful mother shared the story of her beautiful daughter who is now beginning to talk, responding in the classroom and has friends!!

FVQ's achievements are also measured in the 140,000 children's lives that have been impacted by this life changing program; and schools like Warfield and Molly E. Ray Elementary whose measured performance improved from an 'F' to an 'A' due, in part, to the many students being provided glasses by FVQ. And finally, FVQ's achievements are measured by the academic and social improvement of some 68% of the students we studied who demonstrated improvement in grades, attendance and behavior.