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When a child exclaims, "Wow! I can see my mommy!" you realize the impact a simple pair of glasses can have on a child's life. Florida's Vision Quest imagines a state in which every child's vision needs are identified early and met. A state in which this common sense issue, this humanitarian issue, is considered an essential part of learning, an essential element in developing and maintaining strong families and a strong community and, as such, the cost of a vision exam and glasses is considered a wise investment in the leaders and communities of tomorrow.

Achieving success in school is one of the first building blocks critical to achieving success in life. Youth who are unable to see clearly enough to learn in the classroom often drop out of school, become disruptive elements in our classrooms, disruptive elements in our families and disruptive elements in our communities. In fact, 7 out of 10 troubled youth are found to have uncorrected vision problems. It is a tragedy when this problem is so easily corrected – yet ignored.

Since the inception of the Vision Quest program in 1994, it has been the mission of FVQ (Florida's Vision Quest) to ensure the academic and social success of Florida's children by ensuring that every child in the state of Florida can see the chalkboard, the text and their world clearly by providing free vision exams and quality new eyewear.