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Medical Volunteers

Medical Volunteers

Florida's Vision Quest retains an active pool of more than 350 volunteer Eye Care Professionals statewide dedicated to children's vision care. Our Optometrists donate their time and expertise, knowledge and skills, to ensure every low income child in our community can see clearly enough to learn and become productive members of our society.

The eye care professionals within our network donate up to 4 free vision exams per month. Doctors are assigned based upon location. Appointments are made by the parent/guardian and exams are provided within the respective doctor's office. If eyeglasses are prescribed, the child is able to select from a wide range of trendy new frames provided by Florida's Vision Quest. Prescriptions are faxed to FVQ for manufacture and finished eyeglasses are sent back to the doctor for dispensing.

Most of our eye care professionals have given their time, professional expertise and hearts to Vision Quest for over 16 years!! We cannot thank them enough for their dedication to ensure "at Risk" children can see their future clearly!

If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of FVQ's volunteer Optometrists, please contact or 386-917-1001 ext. 243.